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We will always make a point of learning what is important to you, the style you are seeking to achieve, and any special considerations we can take into account to ensure the service we offer meets your requirements.

To ensure you are entirely comfortable with the quote and understand the various options put forward were happy sit down with you and explain the details in-depth, so you know and can make a selection that is right for you.

roof repair

Why roof restoration

The advantage of re-roofing, other than the replacement of the existing roof with brand new product, is that re-roofing ensures that we overcome all potential issues with current products and installation problems because we pull off the existing roof and re-fix the new roof to the standards set out in our comprehensive installation warranty and the Australian standard AS2050.

Roof Restoration


Roof Repairs

One stop for your roof needs

roof sarking, insulation, ventilation, fascia, gutters, and even solar products, so you get all your roofing needs from one source.

Roof designs

by changing the roof cladding you can dramatically improve the overall look of your home and give it a new style.

Roof types

We offer a vast array of ceramic and concrete roof tiles, and metal roofing products

Roof tiles

We can source a variety of roofing products to match your existing roof.

Fascia and Gutter

Fascia and gutters can encounter any number of issues from becoming unstuck to suffering corrosion/ rust.

Insurance Inspections

We offer an obligation free quote with clear communication about what we will do and how much it will cost.

Why Choose Us


In our quotation, we will identify all the existing and potential roof issues. In some cases, it might not be necessary to do a full re-roof for any reason other than aesthetics, so our team check over the roof thoroughly to offer the most effective solution for your needs and your budget.



We aim to offer an affordable quote based on the work that needs to be carried out. We offer very competitive rates on the products we install back by our 10 years warranty on supply and install quality.


Improve resale value

A simple re-roof can add to the value of your home. A re-roof not only makes your home look more appealing but also resolves any underlying roof issues which can be costly for potential buyers.



Whether you have an old concrete, terracotta or metal roof, we can offer you a superior roofing solution. Our recommended ceramic roof tiles are of excellent quality and provide everlasting beauty.

eight points CHECK for your re-roofing QUOTATION

1. Make sure the re-roofing contractor will come to your home and inspect your roof to determine what is required.

2. Make sure the re-roofing contractor offer you a comprehensive quote with your roof inspection to define precisely on all works needed and how much it will cost with no hidden costs. Do not forget to ask about roof sarking when you are installing a new roof. Make sure the quotation shows all sarking and other accessories clearly on the quote.

3. Make sure if you have opted for sarking, this will be installed first before installing your new roof tiles. Some contractors may offer it as an optional extra for consideration.



4. Make sure you choose your new roof materials and include your selection in the written quote. Our friendly staff can walk you through the process of selecting the roofing product that is right for you during the quote process.

5. Make sure the re-roofing contractor will remove your existing roof tiles and include it in the quotation.

6. Make sure ‘Ridge’ roof tiles are bedded and pointed.

7. Make sure the quote include clean up any debris or rubbish from the roof and surrounding areas.

8. Make sure the quote consists of an inspection to ensure the new roof complies with the Australian Standard.

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